TriggerSmart | Our Technology

TriggerSmart has produced a demonstrable prototype proving the concept works. The TSL system has been developed using the latest R.F.I.D, (Radio Frequency Identification), Wireless technologies. These incorporate the use of passive and active transmitters and receivers, wireless networks and personal recognition systems. A number of elements of the system are unique and innovative. We are currently exploring what other uses may be applied for these functions in the firearms industry and in other areas. This research and development will continue and we anticipate other products and services will emerge in the future.

TriggerSmart technology has the ability to create safe zones in certain areas such as schools and airports where any smart guns coming into the safe zone will be automatically disabled.

A newer “Smart Gun” was designed around an ultra low power microcontroller system-on-chip with an integrated RF transceiver core (CC430). This device, manufactured by Texas Instruments, is cut on a single silicon die and leads the industry in terms of low power consumption.

We can demonstrate that by monitoring each access point of a building, we can detect entry of the firearm safety mechanism and thus determine if the firearm is authorized to be used in the controlled area. If the firearm is unauthorized, then the safety mechanism is activated and the firearm is disabled. Another adaptation of the WAC is the ability to reduce Blue on Blue and Green on Blue fire or so called ‘Friendly Fire’ incidents using DASH 7 protocol. A commanding officer would have the ability to remotely disable his troops weapons in the battle field limited to a 2km range.